Your User Dashboard

In this guide, we’ll go over how to navigate your dashboard, edit and download docs, update your profile.

An additional guide for Brokerage Accounts with Company Settings can be Found HERE.


Dashboard Home:

Signing in to CREBuilder will automatically direct you to your User Dashboard. You can also access your dashboard anytime by clicking your profile image in the top right, and selecting dashboard.

Your user dashboard will display your current docs & drafts. Use the dropdown on each document to edit, download or delete.

Click “ADD NEW PACKAGE” to start a new marketing doc.

User Dashboard for Single Agent Account. Brokerage Accounts will have more options.

Dropdown Menu to Edit, Download or Delete your Document.

Update Your Profile:

Use the menu on the top right in your profile picture to access your profile settings. You can change some contact information, as well as set a new password.

If you need to change any of the locked fields in your profile, please CONTACT US.


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