Property Listing Website Guide

Learn how to display your listings on your website, and share directly with your clients.

Enable Property Listing Website

If you haven’t already added the Property Listing Website feature to your account, just click the “Website Management” button in your dashboard and you will be prompted to upgrade your account.

The Property Listing Website is included for Free for all brokerage accounts, but can only be managed by the admin account.

Once enabled, this will direct you to your Property Listing Website management section.


Add Property Listings to Your Website

You can add your property listings directly to your existing website by embedding our iframe code into your webpage.

To Copy the Iframe, click the button on the top right “Copy Embed Link”.

This code should be inserted into the webpage where you want to display your listings. If you have a web developer, they’ll know exactly what to do with this iframe code.

WordPress Website? Click here for an easy tutorial on how to embed iframes in wordpress.

Need additional help setting up your property listings on your site? Contact Us


Share a Link to Your Listings

Share all of your listings with a direct link to your property listing page

Click the button on the top right “Copy Direct Link”.

The link will be automatically copied and you can paste and share this link anywhere you would like.

Adding & Removing Listings

You can add any properties to your listing webpage once you have completed any marketing doc.

Click the “Website Management” button on the left hand sidebar to access your Property Listing Website management page, & a list of your properties with completed documents will display.

Choose Listed or Unlisted for each individual property. The property will be automatically added or removed from your listing site, no need to change anything else.

If you make an update to your marketing package or document, the property listing will reflect the changes automatically.

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