Getting Started With CREBuilder

CREBuilder makes it faster and easier to create Commercial Real Estate Marketing Packages and Docs in just a few simple steps. Follow these steps to create your own custom Offering Memorandum,  Leasing Packages, Sales Teasers and More

Gather the Information You Need:

Once you’re ready to start building your first marketing package, make sure you have the following information on hand.

  • Legal Property Address or Parcel ID according to your county’s tax records. If your property has more than one legal address or multiple Parcel IDs, make sure you have all of them to get the most accurate property data.
  • High quality images of your property. If you have aerial maps, drone shots or custom retailer maps, gather all of those as well.
  • List of property features and highlights. Not sure what to write? Use our pre-written examples we have provided, and modify them to best represent your property.
  • For an Offering Memorandum you’ll also need:
    • Rent Roll, Income, Expenses to create a cashflow projection, generate an NOI and CAP Rates.
    • Tenant Highlight Roster (Optional)
    • Sales Comparables (Optional)
  • For A Leasing Package you’ll also need:
    • Available Spaces & Square Footage (Optional)
    • Pricing / Asking Terms (Optional)
Dont have all of the information right now? You can always come back and edit your marketing docs, add text, details, images, change colors and more at anytime.

Getting Started. First Steps:

CREBuilder’s doc and marketing package builder can be accessed directly at

New User? Click CREATE MY MARKETING PACKAGE to get started. Already Have an CREBuilder account? Click SIGN IN.

Choosing the Right Template:

Your first step in the CREBuilder process is to choose a property type and template:

Select your property’s type by clicking one of the icons

Next, choose what type of document you would like to create.

Choose a template design, and pick a theme color. You can always change templates, colors and see more customization options in the last step of the builder, the “Finalize Page”

Next Steps:

Our step by step builder will take you through the process to create your marketing doc, based on your selections from the previous steps. CREBuilder will automatically generate Parcel Level Property Data, Demographics, Maps, Local City Information, and you can preview your doc every step of the way.

Offering Memorandum Guide

View our Complete Guide to Creating an Offering Memorandum with CREBuilder.

Sales Teaser Guide

Build a Sales Teaser / Property Summary in no time with our step-by-step guide.

Leasing Package Guide

Easy instructions to put together a comprehensive leasing flyer or package.

Live Preview & Customization Tips:

See your document come to life through every step of the process.

Click the thumbnail on the bottom of each page to have a large preview of your doc, edit images and customize maps.

Click a page to view full screen and see editing and customization options for images and maps

Mouse-over images and maps to see customization options. You can drag images to change placement, or use the tools on the top to resize and reposition. For map customization, click “stylize map.”

More How To Guides:

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