Customizing Maps

Getting Started With Maps:

In this guide, we’ll go over how to customizez maps in your marketing docs.


Currently, all maps are automatically generated based on the address of your property, and placed throughout your doc, based on the type of marketing package and template you selected. The same steps are used to modify any map on your doc.

Customizing Maps:

Using the same steps to modify an image, open a page with a map you would like to modify.

Click the thumbnail to open a large preview of the page, then place your mouse over the map to show the stylize map button.

Map Stlying Options:

View when editing a map. By default, your property address is centered on the map.

  • Drag:  Change your map’s placement by clicking and dragging in any direction.
  • Zoom (+/-): Used to change zoom on the map. Scrolling with your mousewheel also affects zoom.
  • Show Road Name Labels: Toggle the labels on the map on or off.
  • Map Type: Change between default, satellite or hybrid map images.
  • Map Style: Change the look of your map with some different map styling and coloring.
  • Edit Pins: Add custom pins to your map. Upload your own images or logos or use the default pin.
After making changes, click APPLY to save. 

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