Create a Commercial Real Estate Marketing Package in a Few Simple Steps

Our Automated process makes it faster and easier than ever to create a marketing package.

Just enter your Address, follow our guided steps & CREBuilder does the rest. Get started today!

How it Works

Our step-by-step, automated process makes it easier (and faster) than ever to have a complete Sales or Leasing marketing document, with no experience necessary.

Input Property Address

Enter your Property’s address or parcel ID as it shows on your county’s tax records. We’ll automatically acquire property facts, tax records, maps, demographics & more.

Details & Images

Upload high quality photos and write a description about your property. We’ll provide tips and pre-written suggestions to help you get started.

Customize & Download

Customize, Download, Print, E-mail and share your new Marketing Package with your clients.

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Templates For All Property Types

Simple Marketing Tools for Any Broker or Agent

CREbuilder is suitable for brokers and agents of all experience levels. Whether you are just getting into the commercial real estate (CRE) industry or you are a seasoned professional, our tools make your job a little easier. You can easily create attractive real estate flyers and markting packages without design or technical experience..

You just need to enter your property’s address and our automated system will pull relevant data, such as lot size and asking price. Highlight some features, upload photos, and customize your marketing package to match your needs. It takes just a few minutes to create marketing flyers that you can proudly share with potential clients. Best of all – it’s free to get started!

Keep reading to find out how to start creating your first automated marketing package.

Automated Data & Step-by-Step Guidance

We’ll take you through the steps needed to build custom marketing packages that help your properties stand out. Receive professional tips and advice for each section, including the property summary, financial projections, and sales comparables.


Pre-Written Content

Our marketing package builder contains a database of bullet points to highlight the features of any property. Easily select relevant pre-written content and then modify or customize it to fit your individual properties and commercial real estate portfolio.

Download. Print. Send.

In just minutes, our Commercial Real Estate Marketing Package builder will help you create a real estate offering memorandum or leasing package for you to download, print and share with your clients.


Marketing Templates For All Property Types

We have a large library of professionally created offering memorandums and commercial leasing packages, each designed to grab a prospect’s attention. Whether your property is retail, office, industrial or medical, we have what you need.

Easily peruse our selection of Modern, Professional, Creative and Traditional commercial real estate marketing package templates to find a design that’s perfect to represent your property.

4 Benefits of Using CREbuilder

Resources to Help Build a Real Estate Marketing Package

CREbuilder's award-winning Commercial Real Estate Marketing Package Builder is designed to help you build, edit and share your offering memorandums and leasing package. We offer a massive library of resources, including tips, advice and how-tos, all created to help you navigate every facet of commercial real estate marketing.

Get Your Listing to Market Faster

Now an offering memorandum or a commercial real estate leasing package can be created and customized in a matter of minutes, instead of the traditional methods of creating real estate marketing packages which can typically take days, if not weeks!

With CREbuilder, commercial real estate offering memorandums and leasing packages can be created in a fraction of the time.

Financial Calculations Made Simple

CREbuilder takes the guess work out of commercial real estate financial cashflow projections. Use your property's current rent roll or income, choose annual increase assumptions, and generate a multi-year cashflow statement complete with NOI, Cap Rates, loan assumptions, Exit Cap Rates and Cash-on-Cash Returns.

Ready To Share and Print Documents

High quality PDF exports of your commercial real estate marketing packages make it easy to share your documents electronically, or print for a traditional presentation.