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Commercial Real Estate Leasing Packages and Flyers

Complete Leasing Packages & Flyers in just a few quick steps

CREbuilder is an industry-leading solution for generating professional marketing packages for commercial real estate properties.


Real Estate Leasing Flyers For All Of Your Listings

Stop dealing with photo editors and complex software for editing your marketing packages. CREbuilder simplifies the process of generating custom leasing packages. You do not need any other resources.

Within minutes you can create a leasing flyer that you can proudly share with potential clients or tenants. You just need to enter your property’s address, select a few highlights, and upload photos. Our Automated process does all the work! You can then customize the design and download it for printing or sharing with potential clients. It’s free to get started!

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View Sample Template
View Sample Template
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Attract More Interest in Your Vacant Commercial Real Estate Properties

You do not need a dedicated marketing department to build effective leasing packages. Our automated system comes with templates that are known to help attract more interest in properties.

We offer the easiest method for building leasing packages that showcase the strengths of your listing. You can highlight the features that help your property stand out compiled in a professional-looking document that is ready for printing or email in minutes.

Creating a leasing package may typically take days or weeks. By the time you create the package, potential tenants may have moved on to other real estate opportunities. If you want to avoid losing out on real estate deals, save time with CREbuilder.

Step-by-Step Commercial Leasing Flyer Builder

Our leasing package builder walks you through the process of creating marketing content. You do not need any previous experience with graphic design or writing. Everything is taken care of to save you time while producing stronger leasing packages.

Along with a step-by-step process, our system includes useful tips and advice for each section of your leasing package. You can ensure that every section is properly completed to reflect the best features of your property.


Automated Property Data for Your Leasing Package

No more searching through a variety of resources to build a leasing package. We have a national database of commercial real estate properties that covers 99% of the market including property attributes, demographics, local city information & customizable maps.

Print, Send & Email Blast Your Leasing Flyer in Minutes

After completing your leasing package, you can quickly print it or email it to potential tenants or clients. You can also come back and edit it to reflect any changes to the listing. This ensures that your flyer always contains the most up-to-date information about your property.


Leasing Flyer Templates For All Commercial Property Types

We have a large library of professionally created leasing packages and flyers, each designed to grab a prospect’s attention. Whether your property is retail, office, industrial or medical, we have what you need.

If you are tired of missing out on potential leads or failing to close on leasing agreements, you may need to rethink the way you market your properties. 

Start using CREbuilder to create high-quality leasing packages. Make a lasting impression on prospective clients by handing them an attractive document that perfectly showcases the value of your property.

Discover the Advantages of Using CREbuilder

Access Useful Marketing Resources

CREbuilder includes more than just an automated process for generating marketing packages. You also gain access to our library of helpful resources. Explore a vast selection of tips, advice, and tutorials covering all areas of commercial real estate marketing.
For those who are just getting into the commercial real estate industry or transitioning to CRE from residential sales, marketing can be a challenge. We make marketing your properties less overwhelming, giving you the confidence to succeed.

List Your Commercial Properties Faster

Taking too long to list your commercial properties may result in lost opportunities. Potential tenants may become interested in other properties. If you want to close more deals, you need to get your property to market faster and we can help.
Creating real estate marketing packages often takes days or weeks of planning and editing. With CREbuilder, you can have a leasing package ready in several minutes.

Get Started with No Setup Fees or Onboarding Time

We make it easy to start generating customized marketing packages. After creating a free account, use CREbuilder to quickly build your first leasing package. We do not include any setup fees or hidden costs. There is no catch. You can have a new flyer ready in just a few minutes!