About Us

CREbuilder provides the tools needed to successfully market your commercial real estate portfolio and close more deals.

CREbuilder was created to help the 1 Million+ Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Property Owners and Investors build stronger marketing brochures and flyer packages, present their properties with confidence, and boost their chances of finding the right buyer, investor, or tenant faster. 

Our industry-leading solutions allow you to present properties with confidence and boost your chances of finding the right buyer, investor, or tenant quickly. Use our expert provided content and pull property information from our national database to impress your investors or buyers. CREbuilder is here for your Commercial Real Estate marketing needs, every step of the way.


Zero Set Up Fees & No On-boarding Time. Get Started Right Away.

15+ Years of CRE Experience

Our products and services were developed based on our years of experience in commercial real estate (CRE). Our CEOs have backgrounds in sales, leasing, development, and property management, giving us unique insight into the CRE industry. Over the years, we expanded our in-house marketing tools, which are now available to you. Brokers and agents can use our world-class solutions to easily create offering memorandums, leasing packages, and commercial real estate marketing packages.

We Understand The Industry.

Thanks to our Commercial Real Estate experience, we understand the needs of the industry. We know what it takes to market and sell a commercial property, allowing us to create more effective marketing solutions. Agents and Brokers nationwide have used our services to build professional commercial real estate offering memorandums and leasing packages. Real estate agents, brokers, property owners, and investors can build custom marketing content in just minutes without any design or technical experience.

99% National Coverage. Over 155 Million U.S. Properties

With 99% of properties in the United States covered, our automated process makes it easier and faster than ever to put together a complete commercial real estate marketing package. Use our property data to compile an offering memorandum or an eye catching commercial leasing package.

Commercial Real Estate Marketing. Now Easier Than Ever.

Our mission is to simplify the way brokers and agents create digital and physical marketing products for their commercial real estate properties. We give you the tools to quickly generate a wide range of marketing material, from flyers to email blasts, taking the hassle out of marketing so you can focus on closing.